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Separating Siblings

When parents are feuding and perhaps battling in court, the relationship of the child to his or her siblings is extremely important. Courts put a very high premium on keeping siblings together and resist efforts by parents to separate siblings unless the "best interests" of the children demands it.

5 ways custodial parents mess up (or how to drive your child away from you)

#1. Allow the new spouse to step into the arguments between you and the ex.
#2. Ask lots of questions about the ex and his (or her) new "squeeze".
#3. Keep to the letter of the agreement over the child’s objections.
#4. Call and demand that the ex take all the access that the order provides for.
#5. Venting about the ex to children. If he or she is a jerk, the child will eventually tumble to this fact.

11 Years Old and Contrary

Experienced matrimonial lawyers see one recurring pattern when children hit the age of 10, 11, or 12 years of age. The custodial parent (say the mom) will enter our office and complain that the child wishes to go and live with her father. What did I do wrong, she asks? The situation happens with such regularity that lawyers are wont to reply: “Nothing, it is not about you. They just want to get to know the other parent and of course, the grass is always greener in the adjoining pasture”. In most cases, but not always, the child returns to the custodial parent after a few months, curiosity satisfied, finally understanding why mom left the bastard.